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Eva Gª. Sáenz de Urturi, who achieved success with her acclaimed white city trilogy, knows all too well that will, hard work and perseverance are fundamental to achieving a goal.

“There is a driving force more powerful than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the will”

Albert Einstein

This famous phrase could well be applied to the writer Eva Gª. Sáenz de Urturi, because before devoting herself to writing, she studied optics and optometry and worked in this sector for ten years. But with her will, that powerful driving force, she spent three years every night documenting herself in order to write her first novel. He inherited his passion for reading from his father, he says. Passion and will. It could not be otherwise. Eva Gª. Sáenz de Urturi (Vitoria, 1972) had to go far. The writer has been awarded the Planeta Prize 2020 for her latest novel, Aquitaine.

Order to read the ‘White City Trilogy’

El silencio de la ciudad blanca, Eva Gª. Sáenz de Urturi.


In the first novel of the trilogy, the author introduces us to Unai López de Ayala (kraken), an expert in criminal profiling, and Alba, his deputy commissioner, the protagonists who will have to solve a series of crimes that are terrorising Vitoria during the festivities of the Virgen Blanca. Tasio Ortiz de Zárate, the brilliant archaeologist convicted of the murders that struck Vitoria two decades ago, is about to be released from prison when the crimes resume.

Anexcellent suspense novel, full of family secrets, that gives nothing away until the very end. With twists and turns that play at misdirection, which she undoubtedly succeeds in doing, the author masterfully weaves a three-part plot that will grip the reader from the very first pages. In addition, the novel mixes mythology and legends very well and also deals with subjects such as archaeology and psychology. A powerful and exciting novel that magnificently brings together all the ingredients of the detective genre, it also has a historical background that will delight lovers of crime novels with historical overtones

In 2019, Daniel Calparsoro was in charge of directing its film adaptation. Javier Rey, Aura Garrido and Belén Rueda were chosen to play the main characters

Los ritos del agua, Eva Gª. Sáenz de Urturi. Segunda parte de la trilogía de la ciudad blanca.


In the second novel, the protagonists must stop a murderer who imitates the Water Rites in sacred places in the Basque Country and Cantabria. The victims, on this occasion, have something in common: they are all people who are expecting a child. Once again, the author works in two tenses, the present and the past, taking us back to 1992, when Unai and his three best friends are working on the reconstruction of a Cantabrian village. There, their lives intersect with that of an enigmatic comic book artist with whom they all end up falling in love.

Some second parts are good. Once again, the novel shines for its original way of working in two halves. With perfectly constructed characters and an addictive plot, the reader will once again find himself trapped in its pages until the denouement, which does not disappoint. The novel links perfectly with the first part of the trilogy although it can also be read independently. Knowledge about archaeology and Celtic rites are mixed with family secrets and situations of intense tension with a fast pace that leaves the reader wanting more

Los señores del tiempo, Eva Gª. Sáenz de Urturi. Tercera parte de la trilogía de la ciudad blanca.


With this epic historical novel set in the Middle Ages, Eva Gª Sáenz de Urturi closes the trilogy. Vitoria, 2019.“Los señores del tiempo“, a novel set in the Middle Ages, is published under a mysterious pseudonym: Diego Veilaz. Kraken will now face deaths identical to the murders described in the novel, with modus operandi typical of the Middle Ages, and he will end up discovering that this has a lot to do with his own past. A discovery that will change his life and that of his family. A novel full of secrets, conspiracies and betrayals in which the author once again mixes two eras, a worthy end to the trilogy.

Trilogy of the White City set in Vitoria

It could be said that Vitoria is just another character in this trilogy. In all three novels, the city and its surroundings play a fundamental role in the plot. The reader will get to know through its pages the most emblematic places of the capital of Alava, highlighting the Palace of Villa Suso, the Old Cathedral and the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca. In addition, the typical customs of the region are also very well reflected.

About the author

Eva Gª. Sáenz de Urturi published her first novel, La saga de los longevos, in 2012. In 2014 she published the second instalment, Los hijos de Adán. She is also the author of Pasaje a Tahití, the trilogy El silencio de la ciudad blanca (a resounding bestseller) and Aquitania, winner of the 2020 Planeta Prize.

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