Veneciafrenia (2021)

Title: Veneciafrenia

Directed by: Álex de la Iglesia

Cast: Ingrid García Jonsson, Silvia Alonso, Goize Blanco, Alberto Bang, Cosimo Fusco, Enrico Lo Verso, Caterina Murino, Nico Romero, Armando de Razza, Nicolás Illoro, Alessandro Bressanello, Diego Pagotto

Screenplay: Álex de la Iglesia, Jorge Guerricaechevarría

Producer: The Fear Collection, Pokeepsie Films, Amazon Studios, Eliofilm, TLM The Last Monkey Distributor: Sony Pictures Spain

Year: 2021 Country: Spain 🇪🇸

Genre: Horror Running time: 100 min

Music: Roque Baños Photography: Pablo Rosso

Movie: Veneciafrenia



A group of Spanish tourists travel to Venice during Carnival to celebrate what looks like a bachelorette party. However, the Venetians seem unhappy at what they see as a tourist invasion that is helping to dampen the light of their beautiful city. So some of them, even organised, openly show their opposition to the tourist overcrowding by protesting against the visitors to Venice.

The protagonists, five young Spaniards, oblivious to the problems of their surroundings, only want to have fun and are open to be enveloped by the mystery of this beautiful city. Soon, however, they will be forced to fight for their lives. Veneciafrenia is the first in a series of horror films (The Fear Collection) devised by director Álex De la Iglesia and Carolina Bang, under the production of Sony and Pokeepsie Films. The second title in the collection is likely to be Venus by director Jaume Balagueró. The premiere of the film took place at the last Sitges Film Festival.


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