Tomorrow We Will Have Other Names by Patricio Pron

The break-up of a couple is an emotionally stressful event. Often, the separation is perceived as a loss and, moreover, a double loss. On the one hand, of the person we love, on the other hand, of the common project, of the future we thought we had built. The break-up is often felt as a personal failure. A break-up in love is therefore a situation that can make us experience emptiness and leave us disoriented and desperately looking for activities to fill the spaces we felt we had filled before. Separation can become pathological, as in some cases in which grief is not overcome, anxiety and/or depression can appear which, if not treated or managed properly, can even end in suicide. Tomorrow We Will Have Other Names, the novel by Patricio Pron, is precisely about a break-up.

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Mañana tendremos otros nombres Patricio Pron

Tomorrow We Will Have Other Names is the story of a break-up. The story of a couple who, initially and for no apparent reason, decide to break up. Well, rather it is Ella who decides to break up. And Ella is written in capital letters because that is how the author refers to the protagonist. She and He. Pron does not give us their names, perhaps because She and He could be any of us. But why would two people who apparently get on well, are compatible and have a consolidated relationship decide to break up just like that? As the plot unfolds, we will get closer to the reasons

This is a novel of heartbreak but also of love and reflection. Of courage and overcoming. Of the suffering that can be experienced both by the person who decides to break off the relationship and the person who is forced to accept this imposed destiny. And of course, of the search for ourselves, the struggle to get what we really want and not just settle. It is also an ode to second chances. Because, as they say, when life closes a door, it always opens a window.

About the author (Patricio Pron)

Patricio Pron holds a PhD in Romance philology from the Georg-August-University of Göttingen (Germany) and is currently based in Madrid. In addition to the novel Mañana tendremos otros nombres, he is the author of three books of short stories: Trayéndolo todo de regreso a casa ( 2011), La vida interior de las plantas de interior ( 2013), Lo que está y no se usa nos fulminará (2018). He is also the author of seven novels, including: The Beginning of Spring ( 2008), The Spirit of My Parents Still Rises in the Rain (2011), We Walk in Dreams (2014) and Don’t Shed Your Tears for Anyone Who Lives in These Stre ets (2016). In 2010 the English magazine Granta chose him as one of the twenty-two young Spanish writers of the moment

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