The Soul of a Woman by Isabel Allende: On Impatient Love, Long Life and Good Witches

Isabel Allende says that the extraordinary women she has met throughout her life nourish the vision she had at the age of fifteen of a world in which feminine values would have the same weight as masculine ones. The fact is that the writer has been a feminist for almost as long as she can remember. In The Soul of a Woman, the writer reviews her life and her relationship with some of the women who have accompanied her (or still accompany her). Throughout its 192 pages, Allende writes about such transcendental and current issues as inequality, the disadvantaged position that women still endure in the world, abortion, sexual violence, mistreatment, euthanasia and contraceptives.

Review > The Soul of a Woman (2020)

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The Soul of a Woman is a story about women, why not say it. About women who are afraid to walk alone at night. About women who are afraid of growing old because we live in a society that does not tolerate a woman ceasing to be beautiful and young.

But it is, at the same time, a beautiful story full of hope. A story that invites women to live freely, to not be afraid, to know that we still have time to change many things to leave future generations a better world. A world where equality and respect are the norm and where a woman can decide on her future anywhere. The Soul of a Woman also talks about adult life and the capacity to love at any age. She insists that one must take care of oneself and learn to love oneself

In short, Isabel Allende’s novel is an absolute delight. Written with clear and sincere prose, it makes us aware of the reality in which we live and how it is in our power to change it. Let us fight hard to achieve our dreams and, as the writer says, to try to “die with our boots on”.

Author Isabel Allende

Isabel Angélica Allende Llona was born in Peru in 1942, although she spent her early childhood in Chile. After General Pinochet’s military coup in 1973 in which her uncle, President Salvador Allende, was killed, she went into exile in Venezuela and has lived in California since 1987. He studied journalism. In 1982, his first novel, La casa de los espíritus (The House of the Spirits), became one of the mythical titles of Latin American literature. He has been a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters since 2004

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