THE FATHER (2020): senile dementia at first hand

Our life, what we are, is stored in our memory and our memory defines our reality. Butwhat are we without our memories,what happens when we are no longer able to remember? This reality, so well defined for us before, becomes confused, anguished and repetitive. We may, like the protagonist (Anthony Hopkins) in the film The Father ( 2020), end up feeling like trees that are losing their leaves. We may end up feeling lonely, abandoned, lost.

Life is not what one has lived, but what one remembers and how one remembers it in order to tell the story

Gabriel García Márquez

Overview “The Father” a play successfully brought to the big screen

El padre 2020

The Father, directed by French director Florian Zeller, is the result of the adaptation to the big screen of the successful play Le Père (2012), written by Zeller himself. As a good film adapted from the theatre, the director relies on masterful performances by his main actors.

The film tells the story of Anthony (Anthony Hopkins), an elderly man who is gradually suffering the devastating effects of memory loss due to an unspecified dementia. Stubborn, confident that he is still self-sufficient, he refuses to resign himself and gradually gets rid of all the carers that his daughter Anne (Olivia Colman) hires. Thus, while Anne searches for a solution, she will feel the full burden of her father’s care as she watches him gradually detach himself from reality. Both father and daughter will live with unease and anguish the reality of the illness that has been imposed on them.

Oscar Awards 2021

Best Actor (Anthony Hopkins), Best Adapted Screenplay.

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