Sound of Metal (2019): story of self-improvement

Acceptance of a disability does not necessarily mean being happy about it. It is not about being happy about the disability. Acceptance is more related to abandoning false hopes, to adapting to this new imposed situation. And this process, the process of accepting the limitations as well as discovering the possible potentials that this can give us, is perhaps the basis for learning to accept ourselves. In order to be able to start a new life, a life that does not necessarily end when the disability appears. The protagonist of Sound of Metal will have to walk this hard path towards a new reality. Accepting what he has in order to be able to move forward, although sometimes this is not an easy task. The film, based on the true story of the band Jucifer, has won two Oscars: Best Sound and Best Editing.

Review, Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal tells the story of Ruben (Riz Ahmed), a young drummer in a heavy duo. Together with Lou (Olivia Cooke), his girlfriend and the band’s lead singer, he travels from gig to gig in his caravan, until one day, unexpectedly, he begins to lose his hearing. The blow comes when Ruben consults a specialist who diagnoses him with a hypoacusis (deafness) that is probably irreversible. The only option, perhaps, is to have a cochlear implant, a surgery that Ruben cannot afford

Written and directed by Darius Marder, Sound of Metal is a brilliant drama. A story of acceptance and overcoming. Because for a person who dedicates himself to music, this handicap is perhaps one of the cruelest things he will have to face. The protagonist feels lost, anguished and tempted to relapse into the addiction he has managed to stay away from for the last four years. When his whole life has revolved around music, the protagonist will have to walk a hard road to acceptance in order to pull himself together and get his life back on track

Opinion of the film

Sound of Metal, magnificent and tough, heartbreaking and necessary, deals in a very realistic way with the acceptance of a disability. This realism is in large part due to the excellent sound work that makes us accomplices of what the protagonist feels in each situation. Noise and silence are fundamental elements of the plot. Through sound, the feeling of emptiness, loneliness, abandonment, isolation from the world that Ruben experiences in the film, is transferred to the spectator so that he becomes a participant in his suffering, so that he feels as uncomfortable as he does. The film, full of beautiful moments, is a story full of truth

why is it a story of self-improvement?

Sound of Metal shines, among other things, because of the excellent performances of its actors and actresses. They all exude authenticity. If Ahmed is superb, no less so is Paul Raci, who plays Ruben’s mentor Joe in the film. Emotional and sincere, Raci patiently leads the protagonist towards acceptance. His performance is honest, as the actor is the son of deaf parents and knows sign language. Sound of Metal is a tough story, yes, but full of hope. Hope because this disability should not mean the end of life but the end of a stage and the beginning of a new one. A vital reorientation, a new way of valuing, understanding and relating to the world. Disability can mean a new capacity.

The film, honest and simple, takes the viewer into the world of silence. A world that, for many, is a reality. But it doesn’t have to be a less beautiful reality. Cinema, once again, manages to give visibility to a social reality. So that it is seen. So that it is not forgotten

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