Review ‘The Lost City’: comedy for adventure lovers

Those of us who grew up in the eighties and like the adventure genre can only look back with nostalgia at the films of that decade. The eighties are marked by George Lucas’ Indiana Jones, Richard Donner’s The Goonies and Back to the Future and After the Green Heart, the latter two films by the brilliant Robert Zemeckis. The lost city (2022), is not exactly this, don’t be fooled, but it is close to that adventurous spirit of the eighties with many nods to films from this period. Humour, adventure and love, in that order, are mixed together quite competently to remind us that cinema, sometimes, is just meant to let ourselves go, to escape, to laugh and enjoy ourselves for a while. And nothing more should be asked of it.

Crítica de la película la ciudad perdida

Movie: The Lost City (2022)

Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) is a fairly successful author who, after the death of her husband five years ago, lives a somewhat sullen life devoted entirely to writing a series of romantic adventure novels set in exotic locations. The protagonist is a handsome, spunky heartthrob who appears on all the covers of her novels and is actually played by Alan (Channing Tatum). In the middle of a promotional tour for her latest novel and under pressure from her publisher, Loretta is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire (Daniel Radcliffe) obsessed with recovering a lost treasure. When Alan learns of the kidnapping, he sets out to rescue the novelist. To do so, he enlists the services of a special operations expert (Brad Pitt). The latter’s appearance is perhaps the funniest part of the film.


Crítica de la ciudad perdida

The lost city is not a cult film, and neither is it a film that will make you reflect or open a debate afterwards. No. The Lost City is what it is, no more and no less. A film full of the clichés of adventure and rescue films, with characters who are even more clichéd but who are brimming with chemistry.

So where does the film’s charm lie? Precisely in this. In the fact that it doesn’t try to give lessons, but only to entertain and amuse. And it succeeds. It is impossible not to laugh at the antics of the protagonists when they are exposed to the dangers of the jungle. The script is practically a joke and the film is an amusing parody of romantic adventure comedies. The protagonists are inelegant, clumsy and unglamorous (they don’t know how to live without a mobile phone and walk through the jungle in high heels). Perhaps that’s where the charm lies, in the funny and explicit mockery of action heroes.

Crítica La ciudad perdida Brad Pitt

The film does, however, leave us with a few ideas. The most important one, as cliché as it may sound: that beauty is on the inside and that people should not be judged by their appearance without knowing them. But there is also a message of overcoming, of facing losses and facing the future with courage.

In short, The Lost City is an unpretentious but entertaining film. An excuse to go to the cinema and let yourself go.

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