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Being a boss can be extremely difficult. Finding the right balance between keeping employees happy and maximising the company’s profitability is no easy task. Communicating well with employees, conveying trust, leading by example, empathising with employees and, at the same time, setting and meeting the company’s goals are some of the characteristics that a good leader must have. To do this, sometimes decisions have to be made, and it is clear that it is never going to rain to everyone’s liking. The film
the good boss
marks the reunion of Javier Bardem and director Fernando León de Aranoa
. They already worked together in the splendid Los lunes al sol. With
the good boss, the director returns to critical and denouncing cinema with a magnificent social drama dressed up as an acid comedy.

The good boss is the story of an unscrupulous businessman

the good boss

Julio Blanco is a charismatic owner of a company that manufactures industrial scales. For him, his employees are like the children he never had and the company is like a family. So he says. When he learns that he is in the running for a local award for business excellence and, while waiting for the visit of the committee that will or will not award it to him, Blanco will have to have everything perfect. Thus, he will try to solve practically against the clock all the problems of his employees. To do so, he will cross unthinkable lines that will end up triggering an explosive succession of unexpected events. This is the story of an unscrupulous businessman who will do almost anything to save his company and his prestige


Javier Bardem the good boss

After watching the film it is difficult to think of another actor in the role of Julio Blanco. Javier Bardem, one of the most versatile actors in our cinema, is magnificent and carries the weight of the film with great aplomb. Superb and utterly convincing, Bardem gives us in The Good Boss bardem gives us one of his most dazzling performances, doing an impressive job. He oozes charisma. He is accompanied by Manolo Solo, Almudena Amor, Óscar De la Fuente and Fernando Albizu, among others. All the characters together with a solid script make this dramatic comedy stand up more than decently.

The Good Boss > In-depth analysis

Unemployment is part, whether we like it or not, of the reality in which we live. The current figures are alarming. The current situation of crisis resulting from the pandemic is leaving many families in the hands of charity. Precariousness, high unemployment and low salaries are spreading, moreover, among the youngest. In The Good Boss fernando León de Aranoa, who has already portrayed this reality in Mondays in the sun, once again tackles this social drama but now from another perspective, that of the businessman, in a satire that is well worth seeing. Once again, cinema helps us to make a social problem visible.

Review the good boss

This seems to be Julio Blanco’s motto in the good boss everything is for the company”. The film, which premiered in the Official Selection of the San Sebastian Festival, manages to parody some of the less ethical practices of a sector of Spanish business. The protagonist’s dealings range from this perverse paternalistic attitude to corruption and bribery. An unscrupulous businessman who will do practically anything, leaving morals aside, to save his company’s image.

Fernando León de Aranoa, supported by Javier Bardem, makes us laugh (not cry) at this businessman who thinks he is “self-made” when, in reality, all he has had to do is be at the notary’s office on time to sign the inheritance of a company already set up by his father. the good boss, with its metaphor of the scales as a symbol of balance and justice, oozes wit and insight and shows us some tremendously recognisable characters. The result is utterly convincing.

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