Review “Sevillanas de Brooklyn” the drama behind the comedy

“Sevillanas are like a love story with a happy ending. In the first, the woman shows off and the man goes to meet her, in the second, the distance is allowed to shorten, in the third, the spell is broken and in the fourth, there is a reconciliation”. This is how Ana (Carolina Yuste) explains to Ariel (Sergio Momo) what this typical Spanish dance is all about. And this is precisely what a love story with a happy ending is all about Sevillanas of Brooklyn vicente Villanueva‘s film, released in 2021. A perfect comedy to enjoy with the family and to make us think about what really matters.

Sevillanas de Brooklyn (2021)

Sevillanas de Brooklyn

Ana is a young student from Seville who lives with her family in a humble neighbourhood in Seville. Her mother, Carmen, despite having spent her whole life working, is unable to make ends meet and, on the verge of eviction and when she has already heard her daughter threaten to leave university to look for a job and help out at home, she decides to come up with a plan. Well, more like a scam: to trick an agency into taking in Ariel Brooklyn, an American student, in exchange for 700 euros

When the young man finds himself in this situation, he does not hesitate to mock the family’s humility. However, instead of denouncing the fraud, he decides to give the family a chance. Little by little, Ariel will end up realising that there are not so many differences between them, that things are not always what they seem and that we should not be so quick to judge people.


Sevillanas de Brooklyn is a romantic comedy with a happy ending, just like sevillanas. Filled with tangles and ingenious situations, it is a breath of fresh air in the times we live in. But the film also tackles issues that are, unfortunately, highly topical. The precarious situation that many families are going through, on the verge of eviction and struggling to pay the rent or, even worse, to pay for food, is a constant theme throughout the film. Unemployment, both of young and old, precarious jobs, drugs and the hope of surviving and prospering are issues that the director has not left aside and which the viewer will surely appreciate for the realism they convey. Sevillanas de Brooklyn is a reflection of our “charming miseries” portrayed with humour. A humour full of criticism but sweet and fresh at the same time.


If Carolina Yuste and Sergio Momo are convincing, Estefanía de los Santos, Manolo Solo and the rest of the cast are no less convincing. The whole cast is believable and natural. There is chemistry between the leads who exude freshness, charm and tenderness. Funny and human Sevillanas de Brooklyn (2021) is a comedy that transmits happiness from beginning to end. The kind of happiness that is so much needed nowadays. With a crazy story, Vicente Villanueva surprises us with an emotional and romantic comedy full of social denunciation and defence of class equality. Perfect for the whole family to enjoy. With the one you choose and with the one you don’t.

The Sevillanas

The term Sevillana was recognised by the Royal Spanish Academy in 1884 to designate this typical Andalusian dance. “The graceful and tender copla where even the words dance and play said Manuel Machado about this dance. Like other dances, the Sevillanas have many benefits to improve both our physical and mental health. They strengthen the upper part of the trunk, especially the arms, shoulders, hands and wrists and can therefore be very beneficial in pathologies such as osteoarthritis of the hands. In addition, dancing Sevillanas is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that can also help us to disconnect (the mind has to concentrate on remembering the steps, improving attention and memory). Other benefits are improved self-esteem and mood. Dancing sevillanas improves balance, reflexes and body coordination. In short, it is a complete exercise that helps to improve body and mind.

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