“Rosa’s Wedding” Emotional comedy with Candela Peña

The need to learn to appreciate oneself in“”Rosa’s Wedding” Emotional comedy with Candela Peña“, the film by Icíar Bollaín. The actress, director and screenwriter, winner of the Goya award for best director for the wonderful I give you my eyes (2003), is also responsible for other films such as Mataharis (2007), Also the rain (2010), The Olive Tree (2016) o Yuli (2018), also highly acclaimed by critics. In Rosa’s wedding (2020), the filmmaker makes us reflect on the need to take care of ourselves and on the caregiver syndrome. To love ourselves first, in order to be able to love. To take care of ourselves in order to take care of others.

Loving oneself is the beginning of an adventure that lasts a lifetime

Orson Welles

This famous quote from the acclaimed and versatile filmmaker Orson Wells, could well be reflected in Rosa’s Wedding.

Summary “Rosa’s Wedding”

La boda de Rosa

Rosa (Candela Peña) has spent her whole life taking care of others. Her daughter, her father, her brothers and sisters, her nephews and nieces. She even looks after her friends’ pets and her neighbours’ plants when they go on holiday. Rosa is there for everyone, always. Complacent, she doesn’t know how to say no. Not even to her father when he, widowed for two years, decides to move in with her without consulting her first. Rosa is always there but seems invisible to others. So one day she explodes and decides to take control of her life. She decides to get married, to herself.

Rosa’s wedding, a delightful comedy but with a lot of background, reflects on the need to take care of ourselves. About self-esteem, the need to be listened to and the importance of learning to say no. To commit ourselves to ourselves. To commit ourselves to ourselves. To respect ourselves. Learning to love ourselves. Because loving someone starts with loving oneself. The film also deals with other issues such as caregiver fatigue, alcoholism, break-ups and our expectations that we so eagerly project onto our children and sometimes they are not fulfilled

My personal view

Rosa’s Wedding is an excellent work that deals with all these themes with exquisite delicacy, an astonishing balance between tragedy and comedy that remains intact until the end. The film is a perfect “breeding ground” for all its characters to shine. Candela Peña, as always sensational, excellently accompanied by Nathalie Poza (Goya for Best Supporting Actress for this film), Sergi López, Paula Usero and Ramón Barea, among others.

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