Review of the Disney Pixar SOUL film ‘Oscar 2021’

Back in 2015, with Inside Out, the Pixar factory tried to explain the world of emotions to us through its five likeable protagonists: joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust. And, even back then, the film was both praised and “criticised”. Perhaps because, due to its complexity, it had been made with adults rather than children in mind.

In any case, they loved it, if only for its vivid colours and the antics of its protagonists. In 2020, with Soul, Pixar returns to the complex, leaving behind somewhat more childish films, trying this time to delve into the depths of the human soul.

The film Soul is a delight that will delight children and adults alike

That’s right, Soul is an absolute delight. A sensational film. Yes, perhaps complex for the youngest members of the family. But, in any case, they will enjoy it as much as adults thanks, among other things, to its excellent music and original plot. Soul is also a marvel for music lovers in general and jazz lovers in particular. The main character, a music teacher who has spent his whole life waiting for the great opportunity to make a name for himself as a pianist in the world of jazz, has an accident just when he is about to achieve it.

Pixar film review SOUL

Thus begins a journey that will take us to the world of the beyond and the“beyond“, as Pixar curiously describes the place where the souls who hope to obtain the “spark” that makes them unique and allows them to travel to Earth to occupy a body must be. A veritable nursery full of souls “in the making” waiting to be given the “licence” to occupy a life.

There, the protagonist will meet Veintidós, one of these “pre-souls” who, despite having been there for millions of years, has not yet been able to find what is necessary to escape from there and start a life. Together, they will live many adventures that will delight both adults and the youngest members of the family. The film invites us to reflect on questions such as life and death: is there anything after death? But is there something before life, and what is the soul? With Soul, Pixar shows us an original point of view.

And that’s what the latest film from the dream factory is all about. It’s about living. About finding our purpose, about fighting for our dreams. But above all, about learning to live by making the most of every minute, doing what we like and being grateful for everything that life puts in our way.

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