Grégoire Moulin Contre L’humanité: recommended French comedy

The title of the film says it all and there’s nothing truer than that: Life isn’t perfect. Life isn’t perfect. Who hasn’t had a bad day? One of those days that never seem to end? A day that you can’t wait to get over? However, it is often from the hardest days that the best lessons are learned. And it’s also true that without hard days we wouldn’t appreciate the good ones as much Grégoire Moulin Contre L’humanité is a film that will lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face. And it is clear that a smile at the end of a bad day is a resounding success.

Grégoire Moulin Contre L’humanité (2001)

Grégoire Moilin has not had a very good life. As an orphan, his role models have been his grandmother, a nasty old woman, and his uncle, a man whose only aspiration in life is to drink and drink alcohol. Grégoire is 35 years old and all he has achieved is to become a civil servant with a monotonous life living with his grandmother. When her grandmother dies, he gets a job in an insurance company in Paris and decides to start a new life by moving there. Soon a very special woman crosses his path, Odile Bonheur, a young dance teacher with whom he falls platonically in love. When he finally plucks up the courage to go on a date with her, Grégoire finds himself caught up in a series of events that will make it very difficult for him to meet her


Grégoire finds himself involved in the most absurd and surreal situations. Grégoire Moulin Contre L’humanité handles several types of humour with ease, from the crudest to the most ironic. The film maintains a good pace throughout the film with situations that range from the most absurd nonsense to the cleanest laugh. In short: a very funny idea with a very original ending that will undoubtedly make your day

Grégoire Moulin Contre L’humanité is a pleasant, absurdist and fatalistic French comedy, released in 2001, which, although it has passed without much fanfare, is well worth seeing. With obvious nods to Martin Scorsese’s film jo, what a nightby Martin Scorsese, the film, written, directed and starring newcomer Artus de Penguern, might even bring a smile to your face or even cheer you up at the end of that terrible day

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