Movie Billy Elliot: fighting stereotypes in cinema

It seems unbelievable that ballet dancers today continue to endure the prejudices of those who still consider this discipline as something purely feminine. Unfortunately, ballet students still continue to face the sexist and, in some cases, homophobic prejudices of those who consider that ballet is not suitable for men. Claiming that it is a discipline associated with femininity, delicacy, pink and tutus, they manage to turn many young people away from the dream of becoming a dancer.

Unable to withstand this pressure, many decide to opt for another, more “masculine” sport. Young talents who, in the end, fall by the wayside. It is precisely this issue that is sensitively addressed in the film Billy Elliot (I want to dance), the heartwarming story of a boy who will have to fight against stereotypes in order to achieve his dream. The review of the film Billy Elliot is a plea in favour of the struggle to break stereotypes.

Billy Elliot: movie about the story of the boy who wanted to be a dancer

Película Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot is an eleven-year-old boy who lives with his father and brother, both miners, in County Durham. Billy’s father seems intent on getting his son to take up boxing, but Billy shows no interest at all. At the same gym where Billy attends boxing, a teacher teaches ballet, and one day she invites Billy to join the class. He soon discovers that he is passionate about ballet. He will then begin a hard journey in which he will have to face many difficulties (including that of his own family) and overcome them. Perseverance and the spirit of overcoming and fighting to fulfil his dreams will be the only weapons the main character will have.

Review movie Billy Elliot: a plea against a “masculine” society full of prejudices

Billy Elliot is set in England in 1984, in the context of a mining strike (at a time when Margaret Thatcher was imposing her harshness against the strikers) in which the father and brother of the protagonist are involved and in a thoroughly macho society. The boys learn boxing and the girls learn ballet. The roles of women and men are clear. And those who do not conform to these socially established norms are rejected by those around them.

película Billy Elliot

But in this hostile environment there are also brave people like Billy’s teacher. People who stand up for equality. People who are willing to fight and stand up for others, helping them to overcome all the difficulties and social rejection. Making them believe in themselves to achieve their dreams.

Billy Elliot: movie that teaches us to face difficulties and fight against social resistance to achieve our dreams

Billy Elliot was released in 2000 and quickly became a box-office hit, and the critics could do nothing but surrender to this moving story. Stephen Daldry directs this drama with a script by Lee Hall and music by Stephen Warbeck, starring Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot), Julie Walters (Mrs. Wilkinson, dance teacher), Jamie Draven (Tony Elliot, brother) and Gary Lewis (Jackie, the father). The performances are absolutely convincing.

Told in a very tender way but without neglecting the harshness of the environment in which the child lives, Billy Elliot will touch you directly in the heart, and will examine the whole educational system responsible for assigning gender and roles to each sex. Full of emotional moments, the director masterfully constructs a story of self-improvement, perseverance and the breaking of stereotypes. All of this is enhanced by a marvellous soundtrack. Totally recommendable for educating in values. Because enough is enough. If a boy wants to dance, let him dance and if a girl wants to box, let her box.

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