Review of “King Richard” the ability to project confidence

King Richard the film for which Will Smith (Pennsylvania, 1968) finally won the Oscar for Best Actor. Previously nominated twice(Ali, 2002 and The Pursuit of Happyness, 2007). The character that the actor brings to life is lovable and represents, to a certain extent, the American dream. The Williams Method had six Oscar nominations.

The film deals with the life of Richard Williams, father and first coach of Venus and Serena Williams, the famous tennis players. Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, King Richard (2021) is a sports drama. A journey through the career of the Williams sisters, it focuses on the family’s relationship, told through the eyes of their father who always inspired them with self-confidence and perseverance.

Biopic: King Richard

El método williams

The message of the film is clear: perseverance and non-conformity as the main axis of this biopic about Richard Williams, a father who never gave up. And there were many adversities. To begin with, the family was not very well off and lived in a troubled area where most of the young people ended up joining gangs or falling into drugs. From the beginning, as the film tells it, it was clear to Williams that this was not going to be the destiny of his daughters. The six sisters were raised off the streets with a father who was always very present. A father who was able to defend his daughters against all odds.

Perseverance and perseverance against racial discrimination and inequality of opportunity

To raise two of the most extraordinary athletes of all time, Williams knew from the beginning that he needed perseverance, discipline and perseverance. That, and unconventional methods. He never had any qualms (or so the film tells us) about going time and again in search of a coach for his daughters, always getting a resounding NO as an answer. But the protagonist, also with his fears and insecurities, falls down and gets up again like no one else.

Stubborn and unyielding, he always seemed to have it clear that his “plan” would work and that, eventually, two of his daughters would achieve world fame. Richard never lost sight of the fact that they were entering a field in which they were not expected, for although some black tennis players had begun to break through, tennis was still considered by many to be a white man’s sport. This is clear, but at no point does it condition the protagonist.

The power of the family

The film, correct throughout and well-paced, approaches the sport from a new perspective, that of the family support without which, perhaps, these two stars would never have achieved success. Touching at times and with a more than convincing Will Smith in the role of a tireless father, a sobering one who is willing to give up everything so that his daughters can have the future that he could not have. In addition, this time the film looks at women’s sport, so neglected in other films in which the film industry has dealt with sport.

The real sisters Venus and Serena Williams, also executive producers of the film, have also helped to redeem their father from the image he had in the past as a man obsessed with making money at the expense of his daughters without caring about their happiness. No. King Richard shows a father desperate to launch his daughters to stardom because he is aware of their innate gift for sport. A man who was always there to cheer them on, encourage them and believed in them from the beginning. A man with a plan and a goal: to take his daughters away from the marginality that, unfortunately, he had to live with.

In short, King Richard is a more than recommendable film. A story of self-improvement and positivity that will leave you with a very good taste in your mouth.

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