Review “El buen padre” by Santiago Díaz

El buen padre is an addictive novel that hooks you from the first pages and that you will want to read, if you can, in one sitting. It has a very well-woven plot, characters with whom you will immediately empathise and a story full of violence, intrigue and suspense. In short, all the ingredients that crime novel lovers tend to look for. All in all, a pleasant discovery

It skirts all moral boundaries. Addictive

Carmen Mola

Carmen Mola says it on the cover of Santiago Díaz new novel and if Carmen Mola says it, we believe it.

El buen padre: first book of the saga

libro El buen padre de Santiago Díaz

With El buen padre, Santiago Díaz begins a saga starring the inspector Indira Ramos, a professional with unwavering ethics and an obsessive compulsive disorder that makes her live in permanent anguish to maintain order and disinfection. On this occasion, the inspector, together with her team, will have a limited amount of time to try to save the lives of three kidnapped people. The perpetrator of the kidnapping, an old man whose son is serving a sentence for allegedly killing his wife, decides not to reveal the location of the victims until his son’s case is reopened, whom he considers to have been unjustly convicted.

The old man is convinced that the three people he is holding hostage were bribed to put his son in jail, and says that one of them will die every week until the real killer of his daughter-in-law is caught and his son is released. Thus begins a race against time for the team, led by Inspector Indira Ramos, to solve the case in time and save the three victims.

The story is very well woven, full of unexpected twists and turns, and written in an agile and easy-to-read prose. Structured in short chapters, in each of them the reader will gradually discover secrets of the characters that will keep him in suspense until the end of the novel. Absolutely recommendable.

Author Santiago Díaz

Born in Madrid in 1971, he is a film and television scriptwriter. His first novel, Talión, won the Morella Negra Prize 2019, has been translated into several languages and is currently being adapted as a TV series. His second novel, El buen padre begins the saga starring Inspector Indira Ramos. Her production rights have been sold abroad prior to publication.

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