Review: ¡A todo tren! Destino Asturias

Summer tends to flood the cinema billboard with films with a summer flavour. In fact, summer cinema is ideal for sharing with the family stories of adventure, fantasy or, as in this case, humour. Perhaps some people need more than this to include ¡A todo tren! Destino Asturias in a film gathering. But if the objective is to have a good time and to be able to do it, moreover, with the family, the film released in 2021 fulfils its mission and with flying colours.

A todo tren! destino Asturias (2021): 90 minutes flat out

Ricardo (Santiago Segura) is a hypochondriac and excessively responsible father who is asked to take six other children along with his son to a summer camp. Clara, one of the mothers, was originally supposed to accompany him, but in the end it turns out to be impossible. However, she makes sure to leave him another “travelling companion” who is just as responsible as she is, his father. Felipe (Leo Harlem), grandfather of two of the children, thus becomes Ricardo worst nightmare. Felipe is irresponsible, extravagant, in short, a disaster. What can go wrong? To begin with, the train starts with the children inside and they outside. Thus begins the film A todo tren: destino Asturias, an amusing comedy from 2021, with tangles and a race against the clock to find the children before the rest of the parents find out.

Crítica a todo tren destino Asturias 2021

Santiago segura surrounds himself with a very competent cast

And if there is one good thing about A todo tren: destino Asturias, it is the tangled mess that Leo Harlem’s character gets his fellow travellers into. It’s practically impossible not to get a smile out of them. In addition to the children, Leo Harlem, Diego García-Arroba “El Cejas”, Florentino Fernández, Joaquín Reyes and David Guapo, among others, are the characters who support Santiago Segura in the film. It is clear that the director and star knows how to surround himself well. The characters have great chemistry and it shows. In addition, throughout the film there are some unexpected appearances that will not fail to surprise the viewer.

A todo tren! destino Asturias. A road movie that manages to keep up the pace

On the one hand, six children alone on a train. On the other, the adults? doing pirouettes to catch up with them in time and not be discovered by the rest of the parents. It is inevitable to draw parallels with films such as Solo en casa, Zipi y Zape or La gran familia. But A todo tren: destino Asturias also includes the charm of road movies, making it a very original film, aimed at all audiences and capable of keeping up the pace from the beginning. Undoubtedly, a breath of fresh air in these times. Good entertainment, no more than that. In short, a good comedy, the kind that cures.

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