Polvo divino by R.mivalh

It seems that the author of Polvo divino, R.mivalh, the germ for writing this work came to him in 2018 when, on a journey on the London Underground, crowded as always, he was absent-mindedly observing the people who were sharing the carriage with him. But that was just the initial idea, the seed that the author kept hidden until, a few months later, he was encouraged to write some of its chapters. Finally, after many hours of work and dedication, Polvo divino has seen the light of day. This novel is the introduction to the current literary scene of R. mivalh, an author who, without a doubt, is here to stay

Polvo divino: R. mivalh debuts with solid action-packed thriller

Polvo divino R.mivalh

“The life of Axel, a London hustler, goes along smoothly until one morning, after a night of excess, he wakes up next to the corpse of his client: a prestigious professor and member of an important and influential family. To complicate matters further, he makes the imprudent decision to rob him after he is dead. A small robbery, apparently unimportant, that will end up having a series of terrible consequences, turning his life and the lives of those around him into a veritable hell”. This is the plot of Polvo divino novel that successfully mixes the detective genre with science fiction. With an agile pace, frenetic in some chapters, the author manages with great ease to weave a plot full of intrigue and action that will trap the reader from the very first pages

A novel that departs from the usual clichés

And if there is one thing that makes this novel stand out, it is that it is far from conventionalism. Starting with the main character, a hustler with a fear of commitment and going through stories of unrequited love, the novel shows real characters. A world in which things are not perfect and do not always have a happy ending. The author has tried to avoid flat or archetypal characters, and he has certainly succeeded with flying colours Polvo divino the characters have clearly defined but nuanced personalities and, placed in the middle of the plot, they manage to convince the reader.

A novel that masterfully blends the crime genre with science fiction

The mixture between the crime genre and science fiction is almost always a success in both cinema and literature. If not, just ask authors like Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons and the more recent Inception or Inferno, among many others) or Philip K. Dick, author of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? the 1968 novel that inspired Ridley Scott’s 1982 film Blade Runner. In all of them, chases are mixed with historical and science fiction elements, dystopian societies and other elements that have enchanted millions of readers all over the world.

R. Mivalh style in his Polvo divino is somewhat reminiscent of this. This detective novel has science fiction resources that the author mixes in a strategic way, resulting in a solvent plot full of intrigue. An absolutely recommendable work for all lovers of crime novels with science fiction overtones.

About the author R.mivalh

R. mivalh, born in Granada but based in Alicante, has always wanted to tell stories. He says that the novel has no defined purpose and is not aimed at a specific type of reader. His only intention is to ensure that whoever reads it has an entertaining time, nothing more. The author, who has worked in advertising for years, says that readers have the last word. And we suppose that the answer will be a good one, because in Polvo divino the reader will find an intriguing suspense novel that will not only entertain him, but will hook him and trap him until the very last page. And the author warns, he has got the writing bug, so we may have R. mivalh for a while. For the moment, let’s enjoy his Polvo divino.

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