Pequeño peatón: teaching children to be safe on the roads

Pequeño Peatón

Until a few years ago it was common to hear this phrase: “the pedestrian always has priority”. This meant that, in the event of an accident or collision, the responsibility rested exclusively with the driver of the vehicle, regardless of whether the pedestrian was acting correctly or not. This is obviously not the case. Pedestrians have their rights, of course, but they are not exempt from liability. And pedestrian responsibility is a key part of the pedestrian’s responsibility, as it helps to promote aware road users. Pedestrians and pedestrians play a fundamental role in accident prevention. Pequeño peatón by Patricia Geis (Ed. Combel) is an excellent interactive book that will help to teach children to be good pedestrians in order to be able to move around the city safely.

Pequeño peatón (Patricia Geis): an interactive book with flaps, surprises and even a pop-up city!

Pequeño peatón interior

Pequeño peatón the book is recommended for ages 3 and up, as it contains small pieces that can be swallowed or inhaled. However, under adult supervision, it can be an excellent tool for introducing children to the world of road traffic

A book for teaching and learning with children

With Little Pedestrian children will learn, among other things, what traffic lights are, what zebra crossings are for, where they should walk and how to recognise basic traffic signs. All full of flaps that they can lift to discover all these concepts in an original and fun way

The final surprise in Pequeño peatón is a huge fold-out where they can put everything they have learnt into practice, always through play. In addition, the book includes a manual of traffic signs, 4 interactive traffic lights, 15 vehicles and pedestrians so that children can learn while they play

Pequeño peatón pop up

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