One Careful Owner 2020 by Bernabé Rico

One Careful Owner, director Bernabé Rico debut feature film, masterfully performed by a Kiti Mánver who embroiders what is perhaps one of the best roles of her life. She is accompanied by a Juana Acosta the film is accompanied by a very good actor, with a much more than acceptable performance, who forms a perfect tandem with her co-star. The pair have chemistry and it shows. The film had three well-deserved Goya nominations: Best New Director (Bernabé Rico), Best Leading Actress (Kiti Mánver) and Best Supporting Actress (Juana Acosta). Even though, it failed to win any of the awards for which it was eligible.

Life is that thing that happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

John Lennon

This may be the basis of The Drawback.

Summary of the film

Sara (Juana Acosta) finds a real bargain. A flat in Seville that she can buy for a price well below its real value, in a good area and with excellent views of the Giralda. The problem is that the flat in question has a small drawback: Sara will not be able to move into it until the death of the current owner, Lola (Kiti Mánver), who has decided to sell it on this condition.

Review of “One Careful Owner” Kiti Mánver and Juana Acosta masterfully take you from laughing to crying

At first glance, the film may seem like one of those comedies we have seen a thousand times, in which two characters who don’t fit in at all have to live together and get into many conflicts to end up realising that they have become friends. However, this is not what Bernabé Rico deals with in the film One Careful Owner. Well, he gets a few laughs out of it, as the protagonists play their characters to perfection, but it doesn’t stop there.

The film is a wonderful story about two very different women who strike up a sincere friendship. It is also a story about the fear of loneliness and death, pain and suffering. But above all, it is an ode to optimism, second chances and unconditional friendship. El inconveniente invites you to seize the moment, to enjoy every moment, to not let yourself worry about trivialities. Make the most of your time and give importance to the things that really matter. This is what this film seems to want to tell us.

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Entrevista Kiti Mánver

Kiti Mánver and Juana Acosta are spectacular. They embroider this tragicomedy and make it difficult for us to put another face to Sara and Lola. But we mustn’t forget the excellent work of other actors who also shine in their supporting roles. This is the case of José Sacristán who, although in a brief role, does an impeccable job

In short, a totally recommendable film. A very well written story, with some memorable moments and exquisite performances

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