NAM: the Vietnam War in the words of the men and women who fought in it

Mark Baker recalls that when he began interviewing men and women about their experiences in the Vietnam War, the only accounts of the conflict were from the generals and politicians. No one was talking to the people who fought and experienced death and loss. This is precisely what he achieves with this novel, telling the story of the Vietnam War (NAM) in the words of the men and women who fought in it.

In NAM, Mark Baker brings together the testimonies of 150 male and female veterans of the Vietnam War.

Reseña Nam, Mark Baker

Divided into four chapters(initiation, operations, war stories and the world), the book compiles the experiences of the men and women who fought in Vietnam in 349 intense pages

Thus we find moving testimonies of young men who enlisted with ideals that were crushed as soon as they landed in Vietnam; soldiers who became ruthless killers; toilets that could never forget the horror they experienced there. The pain portrayed in every story

NAM is full of stories of hatred, fear, blood, rape, mutilation, disillusionment and horror. Stories of young people who, upon returning, realised that they had ruined their lives for nothing

Thanks to the anonymity of the interviewees, the story is dramatic, powerful, stark, real and raw. NAM will not leave the reader indifferent and may help to understand that the effects of the Vietnam War are still with us today. For example, the use of Agent Orange, a chemical agent used by US troops to destroy agricultural plantations (and thus make it more difficult for the enemy to hide), had effects that last to this day.

The Vietnam War (1959-1975)

This was an armed conflict that pitted primarily socialist North Vietnam (supported by the Soviet Union, China and North Korea) against capitalist South Vietnam (supported by the United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea). Thus, the main cause was the ideological differences (communist vs. capitalist) between the two regions

In 1964, the United States entered the conflict by sending soldiers and weapons. Until then, only the Vietnamese had participated in the war

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