Malcolm & Marie (2021) From love to hate

Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation and appreciation, so how important is it to say thank you, and how far can it take us to forget someone in a thank you speech?. This is precisely what happens to Malcolm, the protagonist of Malcolm & Marie, a film directed by Sam Levinson (Euphoria) and released in early 2021 on Netflix

Review of Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm y Marie

This romantic drama starts from this fact, the consequences that a lack of gratitude can have on a couple’s relationship. Malcolm (John David Washington) and his girlfriend Marie (Zendaya) return home from a party, the premiere of the film he directed. As they relax, eat dinner and anxiously await the first reviews, they begin to discuss how the premiere went. The atmosphere is tense, and Marie soon confesses to being very angry that Malcolm forgot to mention her in his thank-you speech. And so, little by little, over the course of a night that was set to be one of the best of their lives, secrets about their relationship come to the surface and test the strength of their relationship

Analysis of the movie

Malcolm & Marie, shot in black and white, could well be an adaptation of a play. In fact, it is filmed entirely in the Caterpillar House, a house designed by architect Jonathan Feldman and built with sustainable elements in one of the hills of the Santa Lucia reserve in California. But this is not the case. In reality, the film is the result of a script written in just a few days during the pandemic by Sam Levinson with the collaboration of its performers

Intimate and stark, elegant, shot with the air of a classic, the film deals with many subjects, not just relationships and the toxicity that sometimes surrounds them. In the maelstrom of accusations and reproaches, there is also criticism of a Hollywood that the protagonist describes as hypocritical and of the use of cinema for political ends that is often made. All this spiced up with a fantastic soundtrack full of jazz and soul

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