LLUVIA FINA by Luis Landero (Editorial Tusquets, 2019)

Luis Landero says in an interview that the inspiration to write Lluvia fina came to him when he read a very brief news item in a newspaper about a family that had been reunited after a long time and that had ended very badly. The author saw the story he tells in Lluvia fina (Editorial Tusquets, 2019) so clearly that, in fact, he put aside for a while a project he had already started to write it. Landero says that he sees himself always writing with the same dedication, putting his best in every sentence, in every word. Lluvia fina could not be a better example. An excellent novel that has been recognised by the critics of “La Esfera” as the most outstanding novel of 2019.

Lluvia fina: Summary and review

Lluvia fina Luis Landero

what can unleash a storm? Something as simple as a phone call. Although well-intentioned, sometimes this action alone can trigger conflict and bring old family feuds to the surface. Stories full of fears and reproaches that, it is not clear why, are sometimes hidden waiting for a trigger that will make them explode. Luis Landero portrays these stories of pain and family resentment to perfection in his Lluvia fina. Dark, harsh and aggressive, Lluvia fina will not leave the reader indifferent.

After a long time without seeing each other, Gabriel decides to call his sisters to celebrate a family reunion on their mother’s eightieth birthday. His wife, Aurora, tries to restrain him, fearing that this attempt at reconciliation will aggravate the family conflicts that had been repressed until then. Indeed, this call will be followed by others that will awaken hitherto dormant emotions in the protagonists. Because sometimes it is better to look the other way. Grievances that everyone has. Some, from childhood. Others, created later. Jealousy and unfulfilled dreams. Wounds not yet healed. Guilt and misery. We get to know the stories of their sisters, brothers-in-law and mother. In short, the family history, from everyone’s childhood to the present day. As Aurora, everyone’s confidant, predicts, the old ghosts will reappear like a fine rain that may end up becoming a powerful watercourse capable of destroying everything.

Personal opinion

Luis Landero weaves in Lluvia fina a marvellous novel, full of profound sentences and great truths. With a beautiful literary style, the author brings to the table the eternal family conflicts and the toxic and selfish family relationships that are unfortunately so frequent. But above all, the book is a splendid lesson on the power of words, which are never innocent and can be very dangerous. Words can create resentment and enmity. As the author rightly says: “words are not carried away by the wind”.

The author Luis Landero

Luis Landero Durán(Albuquerque, Badajoz, 1948) holds a degree in Hispanic philology from the Complutense University, has taught literature at the School of Dramatic Art in Madrid and was a visiting professor at Yale University (USA). He made his name with Juegos de la edad tardía in 1989( Critics’ Prize and National Fiction Prize 1990). Subsequently, Caballeros de fortuna ( 1994), El mágico aprendiz ( 1998), El guitarrista (2002), Hoy, Júpiter ( 2007), Retrato de un hombre inmaduro (2010), Absolución ( 2012), El balcón en invierno ( 2014, Premio Libro del Año de los libreros de Madrid and Premio Dulce Chacón 2015) and La vida negociable ( 2017) have made Luis Landero an essential name in Spanish narrative. With his latest novel, Emerson’s orchard (Tusquets editores, 2021), the author returns to the memory and the readings he left behind in The balcony in winter.

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