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Joël Dicker has only six publications to his name, but despite this, this young Swiss writer has managed to carve out a niche for himself on the international literary scene. And no wonder. In 2010, his first novel, The Final Days of Our Fathers, won the Geneva Writers’ Prize. With his second novel, he became a literary phenomenon. The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair, published in 2013 and translated into 38 languages, won the Goncourt des Lycéens Prize, the Lire Prize for the best French-language novel and the Grand Prix de Novel of the Académie Française. It is a fact. Joël Dicker is here to stay

In El Antequirófano we review the works of this young writer published to date.

Books by Joël Dicker: novels of intrigue with an American flavour

The Final Days of Our Fathers (2012)

Los últimos días de nuestros padres (Alfaguara, 2012) Joël Dicker

Set in World War II, this novel tells the story of the training of the French resistance by a British intelligence unit.

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair (2013)

La verdad sobre el caso Harry Quebert  (Alfaguara, 2013) Joël Dicker

Who killed Nola Kellergan is the great unknown to be revealed in this impressive novel recently adapted for TV. It is a story narrated in three different times (1975, 1998 and 2008). Nola, a 15-year-old girl, mysteriously disappears in Aurora, New Hampshire. Years later, successful young writer Marcus Goldman returns to visit his mentor (Harry Quebert). Soon after, Harry is arrested and charged with the murder of young Nola when her body is found buried in his garden. Marcus, convinced of his friend’s innocence, sets out on a fast-paced investigation to uncover the truth. This is a beautifully spun novel. With a plot that maintains the intrigue until the end, this story, full of twists and turns and false culprits, will grip the reader from the very first pages.

The Book of the Baltimores (2016)

El libro de los Baltimore (Alfaguara, 2016) Joël Dicker

Here we bring back Marcus Goldman, the protagonist of his previous novel, who returns to present us with the story of two branches of his family: The Goldmans of Baltimore, prosperous and belonging to high society, and The Goldmans of Montclair, of which Marcus is a member. The whole plot revolves around one event (continually referred to as the Drama) from which is woven a story full of emotions, feelings and intrigue, which will captivate us from the very beginning. Themes such as friendship, the rivalry to conquer a girl or abuse are recurrent in this story in which we can also learn more about the childhood and youth of the protagonist.

The Tiger (2017)

El tigre (Alfaguara, 2017) Joël Dicker

Although this novel was written by the author at the age of 19, it was not published until much later. The author submitted this story to a youth literary competition and the jury disqualified it because they thought that someone so young could not have written something so good.

This story follows the adventures of a young man who tries to hunt down a tiger that is spreading terror among the inhabitants of Siberia.

The Disappearance of Stephanie Mailer (2018)

La desaparición de Stephanie Mailer (Alfaguara, 2018)

Journalist Stephanie Mailer claims that the two brilliant police officers who solved a high-profile case in 1994 had the wrong killer. She claims to have key information to prove it but, days later, she disappears. Thus begins this brilliant and addictive thriller told in two epochs. Once again, the author jumps back in time, adding characters and plots to bring us to an unexpected denouement. Once again, we find ourselves with an addictive read, very dynamic and full of intrigue. Conclusion: it will not disappoint its followers.

The Enigma of Room 622 (2020)

El enigma de la habitación 622 (Alfaguara, 2020) Joël Dicker

A corpse is found in room 622 of the Palace de Verbier, a luxury hotel in the Swiss Alps. The police never solved the case and, with the passage of time, many have forgotten what happened that night. Some years later, the writer Joël Dicker arrives at the same hotel and ends up investigating the old crime. The author thus takes us back to his homeland to narrate an investigation in which power games, betrayals, love triangles and envy are intertwined. The writer once again gives us a dizzying story, written at a frenetic pace. Full of continuous plot twists, the novel maintains the intrigue from the beginning.

The Alaska Sanders Affair (2022)

El caso Alaska Sanders Joël Dicker portada

Six years after the publication of “The Book of the Baltimores“, Joël Dicker revisits the character of Marcus Goldman, with whom he achieved international success thanks to the publication of “The Truth About the Harry Quebert Case”. This novel straddles the line between the latter and “The Book of the Baltimores” although, in reality, all his novels can be read independently.

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