How do you do a double cleanse step by step?

You’ve probably heard or read a million times about the negative effects of going to bed with make-up on your face. We are not going to discover anything new. By now it’s clear to everyone that proper facial hygiene is crucial to maintaining healthy, smooth and youthful skin. Face cleansing is a fundamental step in preventing premature skin ageing. So let’s take it a step further, what happens when we do it twice, is it more aggressive for the skin? No. Absolutely not. Double cleansing has become the first step in maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. Incorporating this double cleansing into our routine will, over time, improve the skin’s texture and make it look brighter. Especially in these times when we hide our skin for many hours of the day with a mask, the skin is not properly oxygenated and the dreaded acne begins to appear.

what is double cleansing?

Double cleansing is, as the name suggests, a double cleansing of the skin. It is double, but not more aggressive. On the contrary, with this double cleansing we can visibly improve the appearance and health of our skin. If it is done regularly, we can obtain fresher, brighter and smoother skin. Combining, as we will see, two types of products will also allow us to leave the skin perfectly prepared to apply our usual treatment and for it to act more efficiently.

How to do a double cleansing?

1️⃣ First of all, we will use an oil-based cleanser. This product with an oily texture is perfect as the first step in the cleansing routine because it gently removes all residues from the skin (make-up, excess sebum accumulated during the day, traces of sunscreen…). The product’s oily base penetrates the pores better. In addition, its texture is perfect for applying the cleanser with a massage (which will activate microcirculation) as it will slide very easily between your hands.

The best way to apply this product is with dry skin and directly with our hands, massaging gently. For two reasons: on the one hand, we will be saving product and, on the other, the cleanser will warm up in our hands, increasing its effectiveness and giving us a greater sensation of comfort.

There are currently an infinite number of cleaning products of this type on the market, all we have to do is look at the composition. In El Antequirófano we will be recommending the ones we like the most

2️⃣ After rinsing the first cleanser with water (preferably warm or hot), remove the excess water and apply the second product. In this case we will use a water-based cleaner. This product with a watery texture, such as micellar water, gel or soft mousse, will help us to remove all impurities and dead cells. Here it is important to choose one that adapts to the characteristics and needs of our skin

Ideally, you should also apply it with your hands. If you are in the habit of using some kind of electronic facial cleansing device, this would be the best time to use it. Afterwards, rinse with plenty of water and dry by gently pressing the skin with small touches with a clean towel. These products are also available in large quantities on the market. They are also available at different prices (the most expensive ones are not necessarily the best).

The last step to prepare your skin

Finally, after the double cleansing, we recommend using a toner that will help us to close the pores and that will help to leave our skin perfectly prepared to absorb the treatment that we usually use: serum, masks, moisturising creams, etc. An excellent way to apply the toner is to use a spray and then distribute the product all over the face with gentle touches with your fingers.

When to double cleansing?

is it better in the morning or perhaps in the evening? Well, the ideal is to do it twice a day, in the morning and at night. But if you don’t have time, the one you shouldn’t do without is at night. This is because the peak of maximum skin regeneration, the moment when the skin carries out the most intense renewal process, takes place during the night, specifically at the moment of deepest sleep. Collagen and elastin are increased, toxins and free radicals are eliminated and cell damage is repaired. This is why the importance of adequate rest is so emphasised in order to maintain beautiful, youthful skin. So if you only have one moment to cleanse and prepare your skin, make it before bedtime.


Use the oil-based cleanser on dry skin first.

Follow with the water-based cleanser this time on damp skin. Rinse with plenty of water and gently pat the skin dry.

Use a toner and then you can start your usual skincare routine. In other words, first double cleanse and then the treatment: serum, moisturiser, cream, etc.

Double cleansing is NOT more aggressive than treating the skin with a single product. On the contrary, it has many benefits.

The ideal frequency is twice a day, but if you find it impossible or if you are too lazy, the most important one is at night.

Always remember to use cosmetics that are suitable for your skin type. What works for one person can be harmful to another. If in doubt, consult a specialist.

Remember that consistency is crucial for good results. It’s no use trying hard one day if you go to bed with a dirty face the rest of the time. No matter how lazy you are, try to be consistent, do it for yourself. Healthy skin is also healthy.

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