House of Gucci: Story of Luxury and Death

How is an empire forged? Of course, every company is born from an idea. But there are also a few ingredients that need to be added to make the idea work. You have to define the ideal customer or target customer, find a way to differentiate yourself from the competition, surround yourself with the talent of professionals and, above all, take care of the foundations of the business to create a solid structure. It is precisely about empires, specifically one of the most coveted empires in the fashion industry House of Gucci, the film by director Ridley Scott starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver. And the story of the Gucci family is a long one. Stories of marriages of convenience, family disagreements, blackmail, jealousy, murder and poisoned inheritances as the backbone of the creation of one of the most famous brands in story.

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House of Gucci is based on Marcia Gay Forden’s book report House of Gucci by Marcia Gay Forden published in 2001 and revolves, above all, around the murder of Maurizio Gucci, grandson of Guccio Gucci, the founder of the famous Italian luxury brand. A story of murder, glamour, madness and greed that Ridley Scott uses as a starting point to direct this film, which also portrays the rise and fall of the Gucci family.

On 27 March 1995 the world mourned the death of Maurizio Gucci, principal heir to the multi-million dollar family business. The young man was assassinated by a Sicilian hitman as he was about to enter his Milan office. If this was already a drama, no less was the scandal that later erupted when it was discovered that this crime had actually been instigated by his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani. The black widow, as Patrizia was later dubbed by the press, was sentenced in 1997 to 29 years in prison. She only ended up serving 18 years. She was released from prison in 2016 for good behaviour.

House of Gucci is a Dantesque story with which it is impossible to empathise

The film does not deal with the entire judicial process. Rather, it focuses on the story of the protagonists, on the events that took place in the three decades prior to the murder. Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga) was Maurizio Gucci main influence during the time of their marriage. Patrizia is considered by many to be the mastermind behind the bitter family war that erupted after the 1983 death of Rodolfo Gucci (Jeremi Irons), Maurizio (Adam Driver) father, which led to Maurizio confrontation with his uncle Aldo Gucci (Al Pacino) and cousin Paolo Gucci (Jared Leto). A star-studded cast through which Ridley Scott gives us a biopic of one of the craziest families in the world of fashion.

House of Gucci has a marvellous mise-en-scène. The movie is a festival of dresses and suits, fashion, glamour and extravagance. It is also a warning about the dangers facing large family businesses. Ridley Scott masterfully directs a story about the meaning of a family name, about ambition and about power. 160 minutes in which three decades of love, luxury, betrayal, rise, decadence, extravagance and revenge are summed up to explain how far one person can go to seize all the power. An acid portrait of the end of a dynasty with a fantastic and more than timely soundtrack full of cover songs.

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