Grown Ups (Marie Aubert)

Title: Grown Ups

Author: Marie Aubert

Publisher: Editorial Nordica

Genre: Contemporary Narrative

Collection: Letras Nórdicas

Publication date: 14-03-2022

Original language: Norwegian Translation: Cristina Gómez-Baggethun

Country of publication: Spain No. of pages: 200

Book: Grown Ups



Ida is a woman in her prime. A successful architect, she travels to the family cottage to celebrate her mother’s 65th birthday. There she is joined by her sister, her sister’s husband and his daughter from a previous marriage. Her mother and her new partner soon arrive for a pleasant family weekend. But Ida has something to tell. At the age of 40 and without a steady partner, the desire for motherhood is beginning to flow and she is considering freezing her eggs. When her sister gives her the news that she is expecting a child, the protagonist cannot help but feel her world shake. Awarded the Young Critics’ Prize and nominated for the Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize, Adults is an original tale of a dysfunctional modern family and the burden of infertility.


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