El peligro de estar cuerda by Rosa Montero

Title: El peligro de estar cuerda

Author: Rosa Montero

Publisher: Seix Barral

Genre: Ensayo

Collection: Biblioteca Breve

Publication date: 30/03/2022

Country of publication: Spain No. pages: 360

Language: English Original language: Spanish

Book: El peligro de estar cuerda



Based on her personal experience and after carrying out excellent documentation work, Rosa Montero offers us an exciting study in which she gathers data on neuroscience, psychology and biographies of great authors from different disciplines. All to convince us of the links between mental instability and creativity.

El peligro de estar cuerda, a book that moves between essay and fiction, is a dazzling text that makes us reflect on the ultimate meaning of life and on how our mind can work. Montero also defends the value of being different and how it is precisely these oddities that can be the engine that feeds the creative spirit within us. Filled with astonishing curiosities about the lives of great creators and driven by her great interest in neuroscience, Rosa Montero offers a fascinating work on the links that can unite genius and madness


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