El castillo de Barbazul (Javier Cercas)


Title: El Castillo de Barbazul

Author: Javier Cercas

Editorial: Tusquets Editores

Genre: Novel Fiction, Novel Mystery

Collection: Andandas

Publication date: 02/03/2022

Country of publication: Spain No. pages: 400

Original language: Spanish


Summary “El Castillo de Barbazul”

Javier Cercas returns with the third instalment of Terra Alta: El Castillo de Barbazul. Melchor Marín returns to face the worst of his fears. Years after the events narrated in Independencia, Marín has left the police force and works as a librarian in Terra Alta. Cosette, his daughter, is now a teenager who decides to go on holiday to Mallorca with a friend. When Melchor no longer hears from his daughter, he embarks on a hectic search against the clock. A labyrinth in which he will once again encounter the most sinister side of human beings.


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