Dragonheart: the dragon who taught us friendship, loyalty and justice

The old code of honour says that a knight must be valiant; that his heart knows only virtue and his sword defends the helpless; that his strength sustains the weak; that his word speaks only the truth and his wrath annihilates the wicked. King Freyne does not use this code. Quite the opposite. He uses fear and force to dominate his people. When he dies in battle and his son is mortally wounded, his widow goes to a dragon to ask for the heir’s healing in exchange for a promise that he will rule his people justly. Thus begins Dragonheart the film, directed by Robert Cohen in 1996, is about the importance of friendship, loyalty and justice.

Dragonheart is a beautiful fable about friendship, honour and justice


When the dragon saves the king’s son by giving him half of his heart, he trusts in the promise that the boy will one day rule the people justly and according to the code of honour. Before long, however, the boy becomes an even more fearsome and tyrannical ruler than his predecessor. His mentor and protector, the knight Bowen, leaves the kingdom with the helplessness of having failed to turn him into a man of honour and blaming the dragon (that yielding part of his heart) for the boy’s perversion.

Dragonheart is based on the beautiful friendship that develops between the two main characters. The first, played by Dennis Quaid, is Bowen, that knight tired of the king’s tyranny and disenchanted with the code of honour who now devotes himself to hunting dragons. The second, Draco, the last dragon, a fantastic being who lives tormented by guilt. This synergy, somewhat comical at first, sustains the film very acceptably.

Plot and critique

With a simple plot and shot without great pretensions, this adventure story is an absolute delight and a beautiful fable through which we are shown the importance of honour and justice. Also of forgiveness and acceptance. It is not an epic film. We will not find great battles with excellent scenery Dragonheart it is simply a beautiful tale, ideal for the whole family to enjoy. A story full of emotion and beautiful moments that never abandons the vindication of values such as loyalty, bravery and justice.

Dragonheart or Dragonheart, as it was translated, has a beautiful soundtrack by Randy Edelman. The music is able to elevate the emotions to the maximum, especially in the final sequence, beautiful, moving and beautiful.

Draco the real protagonist of Dragonheart

But if there is one thing that made this film a success, it was undoubtedly its undisputed protagonist: Draco. Wise, loyal, funny and protective, this friendly and mischievous dragon managed to win the hearts of audiences of all ages. Each of his appearances on the screen is a real spectacle. Not surprisingly, this ironic and cuddly critter was played by none other than Sean Connery, who in Spain was dubbed by Paco Rabal. Draco grabs all the attention and soon endears himself to the audience. The dragon is the undisputed star of the film. Without a doubt, the heart and soul of the film.

Dragons, like dinosaurs, obsess children

Dragons are another subject that children tend to obsess over at some point in their childhood. It is another intense interest, like the one they usually develop for dinosaurs, and can have many benefits for their cognitive development. Intense interests increase perseverance and improve children’s attention span. In addition, they allow them to develop more complex information processing skills, thus learning strategies for future study. This interest, this deep knowledge about dragons in this case, can help children to develop their critical thinking as it leads them to ask all kinds of questions about these beings. We must let their imagination and creativity run wild. In short, we should support their passions.

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