Do you do sport or exercise with an electric bike?

Nowadays there are many possibilities for doing sport. One type of exercise that is currently in vogue is cycling. Well, this is obviously not new. But what we are seeing as a certain novelty is the increasingly notable use of electric bicycles. There are many doubts about this world and many questions have been asked about this subject for some time. Is it really possible to do sport with an electric bike? Is a motor bike like a moped? Do I have to switch off the battery of an electric bike in order to do physical effort? Electric bikes are a clean mode of transport (so necessary in the fight against climate change), whether for commuting to work, doing sport or going for a ride. Electric bikes have been on the market for some years, but it is only in the last few years that they have started to be used almost unchecked. In fact, if we try to find a specific electric bike, we quickly realise that there is little or no stock of this type of product. And the fact is that, even when ordered, we are already seeing very long waiting times to be able to enjoy our longed-for electric bike.

Do we do sport with an electric bike?

It may be thought that electric bicycles, because they have a motor to increase speed, do not generate pedalling power. This is true, but only in part. When it comes to any type of sport, personal motivation plays a fundamental role. In this case, this motor, this support, could be a stimulus for the athlete to change thoughts such as “I can’t” for optimistic ones such as “now I can”, “I will go further than before” or simply, “with this bike I will be able to start cycling“.

Routes can be planned in many ways. For example, starting from our home or the point we have previously agreed on, and an infinite number of routes on roads, paths or trails. This infinite number of routes is one of the advantages offered by the electric bicycle because it can help us to make much longer and more complicated routes. This is very attractive when it comes to encouraging physical exercise because we can change the routine every day so that we don’t have to ride on the same roads. Another incentive is that now may be the time to do routes with friends with whom you did not dare to do so before.

When it comes to cycling kilometres, we realise that the number of kilometres is much higher. More time on the bike equals more exercise and more time spent on sport.

For all these reasons, if your goal is both lose weight how to burn calories, get in shape or simply to enjoy, don’t hesitate and start enjoying cycling with your electric bike.

how does it work?

ejercicio con bicicleta eléctrica

The electric bike is nothing more than a traditional bike with a built-in motor. They can have a motor on the front wheel, on the rear wheel or on the bottom bracket.

The battery the motor is placed at the front or at the rear, but with the latest technologies, manufacturers are now incorporating them into the frame itself. This gives them a very aesthetic point to take into account but we must also think that the battery is the first accessory of an electric bicycle that can be damaged or break down and, if that happens, we would have to go to the manufacturer to buy a new one.

Benefits of riding an electric bike

  1. Reduces stress.
  2. Increases socialisation as it is a sport that can be done in a group.
  3. Improvement of the joints.
  4. Like all sports, it is an excellent way to improve our health and prevent certain illnesses.

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