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Jean Edith Camilla Läckberg Eriksson, better known as Camilla Läckberg, is a writer of mainly detective novels born in 1974 in Fjällbacka, a small town on the Swedish west coast. Most of her stories are inspired by her birthplace or surroundings. Despite her fascination with writing from an early age (she wrote her first story, The Goblin, at the age of five), she studied economics and commercial law at the University of Gothenburg. She then moved to Stockholm where, while waiting to fulfil her dream of becoming an economist, she worked as an economist for two years.

Camilla Läckberg – Biography

In 2002, at the age of 29, she published her first novel The Ice Princess, which quickly became a critical and best-selling novel. From then on, Camilla began a series of novels (The Fjällbacka Crimes) through which we get to know her main characters: the writer Erika Falck and the policeman Patrick Hedström. Almost all the stories usually begin with the discovery of a murder. From there, the investigation develops to finally unmask the culprit

Books by Camilla Läckberg

After The Ice Princess (2002), she continues with The Screams of the Past (2004); The Daughters of the Cold (2005); Live Crime (2006); The Indelible Traces (2007); The Shadow of the Mermaid (2008); The Lighthouse Keepers (2009); Angel’s Gaze (2011); The Lion Tamer (2014); The Witch (2017)

los crímenes de Fjällbacka Camilla Läckberg

The Fjällbacka Crimes Saga

Tormenta de nieve y aroma de almendras Camilla Läckberg

In 2016 publish Snowstorm and Scent of Almonds. Here the author shows us the protagonists of the Fjällbacka series from another perspective thanks to a short novel and four stories inspired by the great mystery classics.

Una jaula de oro Camilla Läckberg

With the publication of A Cage of Gold (2019), the writer abandons the characters of her previous stories to introduce us to psychological suspense. In this case, the action takes place in Stockholm and the author introduces us to a new protagonist, Faye, an independent, empowered woman eager for revenge. Probably her sexiest and most provocative novel.

Mujeres que no perdonan Camilla Lärkberg

Women Who Don’t Forgive (2020), on this occasion also moves away from her previous series to show us the story of three women who are apparently very different but with one thing in common. A plot full of tension and suspense once again.

El mentalista

The Mentalist (2022), Camilla Läckberg and Henrik Fexeus start with The Mentalist a new series of crime novels with elements from the world of illusionism that has already won the favour of readers and critics alike.

About the author Camilla Läckberg

Camilla Läckberg is one of Sweden’s bestselling authors. She has been awarded several prizes, including the Grand Prix for Crime Literature in 2008 and the Folket Literary Prize in 2006. In 2012 she was named “woman of the year” by the prestigious Swedish newspaper Expressen. In addition, some of her novels have been made into television and she is the author of the children’s story series Super Charlie.

Why read Camilla Läckberg’s books?

As a lover of the detective genre , I highly recommend these novels. The author has an agile prose, with well-crafted plots and unexpected twists and turns that grab the reader from the first pages and keep the intrigue going until the end. In conclusion: an enjoyable read that does not disappoint.

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