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Carmen Mola was a pseudonym used by a writer to sign one of the most successful sagas of the last decade. What we did know was that her trilogy, for the moment, starring Inspector Elena Blanco, had revolutionised the Spanish crime novel. With more than 250,000 books sold, this trilogy has already sold its rights to Atresmedia for a future television adaptation. We now know that Carmen Mola is the pseudonym that hides three scriptwriters: Agustín Martínez, Jorge Díaz and Antonio Mercero.

The three authors have won the Planeta 2021 Prize, the 70th anniversary prize, awarded for the first time with one million euros, for their novel La bestia (The Beast). It is a fact, Carmen Mola has made her books one of the bestsellers of the moment. Her raw, harsh prose, full of violence, in short, not suitable for the sensitive, has managed to make even the most enthusiastic readers of crime novels shudder.

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La novia gitana Carmen Mola

The Gypsy Bride (Alfaguara, 2018)

Carmen Mola introduces us to Elena Blanco, a somewhat peculiar inspector of the Clinical Analysis Brigade (BAC). In her fifties and addicted to Karaokes and grappa, the inspector has a painful past. The disappearance of her son, whom her ex-husband seems to have left for dead for a long time, has left a deep mark on her. The murder of a young woman who is about to get married kicks off this saga in which we also meet the other characters, the inspector’s colleagues at the BAC.

La Red Púrpura Carmen Mola

The purple net (Alfaguara, 2019)

Carmen Mola came to confirm what we already suspected: Carmen Mola was here to stay. More brutal than the first one, in this novel, the inspector, together with her team, will end up entering the macabre world of snuff films and, inevitably, will end up facing her worst ghosts.

La nena Carmen Mola

The Babe (Alfaguara, 2020)

Carmen Mola closes, for the moment, this saga. Although everything points to the fourth instalment of the saga, entitled The Mothers will be in bookshops in the spring of 2022. In The Babe the story begins with the mysterious disappearance of one of Inspector Elena Blanco’s colleagues. It is perhaps the most heartless of the three novels. The harshest, crudest, most violent and cruel. With a shocking beginning, the novel keeps the reader trapped from the first pages. Several plots make up a perfectly woven story, full of unexpected twists and turns, with a dizzying pace and a surprising ending that leaves the reader indifferent.

Las madres Carmen Mola

The Mothers (Alfaguara, 2022)

The new book by the author who changed the Spanish crime novel by winning over critics and more than half a million readers.

Carmen Mola: winner of the 2021 Planeta Prize for the novel La bestia (The Beast)

la bestia Carmen Mola

The Beast the novel, winner of the Planeta Prize 2021, is set in Madrid in 1834. Against the backdrop of a cholera epidemic, Carmen Mola builds a thriller based on a wave of murders of poor girls. In this novel, a journalist, a policeman and a girl join forces to try to stop this terrible serial killer. A murderer capable of dismembering the girls. But this time, Carmen Mola seems not to stay only in the morbid side of the story because the novel will also have historical overtones: Madrid is immersed in the Carlist wars and in the midst of a cholera epidemic, with the corresponding restrictions that the population will have to endure (something not so far from what we are living through). According to the authors, La Bestia “is a hybrid between thriller and historical novel”.

Carmen Mola: the 2021 Planeta Prize reveals the authors’ real identities

We are three friends who one day four years ago decided to combine our talents to tell a story”. This is how Jorge Díaz defines the beginning of this literary adventure which, for the moment, has won them the Planeta 2021 Prize. His colleagues Antonio Mercero and Agustín Martínez are the other two scriptwriters accompanying him. All three, with extensive experience and trajectory in the world of television, have also achieved success as authors. We at El Antequirófano wish them every success with their new novel. Congratulations!

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