El Mentalista (Camilla Läckberg)


The body of a young woman murdered in a macabre manner turns up in an amusement park on the outskirts of Stockholm. Mina Dabiri, the agent in charge of solving the case, turns to Vincent Walder, a well-known mentalist, to help her team investigate the murder. Soon a new body turns up and Mina and Vincent are in a frantic race against time to decipher the numerical codes and visual traps of a ruthless serial killer. Camilla Läckberg and Henrik Fexeus launch with el mentalista a new thriller series with elements from the world of illusionism that has already won the favour of readers and review alike.

Book: El Mentalista

Author: Camilla Läckberg – Henrik Fexeus

Editorial: Editorial Planeta

Genre: Novela negra

Collection: Planeta Internacional

Publication date: 16/03/2022

Translator: Claudia Conde Fisas Original language: Swedish

Country of publication: Spain No. of pages: 720



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