Benefits of yoga for physical and mental health

can a single discipline help us to calm our body and mind? The answer is yes, and in The Ante-operative we review the main benefits of yoga.

One of the main advantages of yoga is that it is available to everyone. There are no limitations. We can adapt it to the abilities and/or physical needs and to the age of the person who wishes to practice it. Everyone can set their own goals. Moreover, it is relatively easy to practice it nowadays, even from home, thanks to resources such as apps, books, video tutorials, magazines, etc..

Yoga today

Yoga has become a very fashionable sport in recent years. Normal. The benefits of regular practice are many. The key, of course, lies in perseverance. Thus, with patience, gradually reaching as far as we can, we can make a lot of progress in the practice of this discipline.

The RAE defines yoga as the set of physical-mental disciplines originally from India, aimed at achieving spiritual perfection and union with the absolute

But we can also consider yoga as the set of modern practices that derive from the Hindu tradition and that promote mastery of the body and a greater capacity for concentration. In short, this discipline aims to achieve a balance between body and mind.

List of the main benefits of yoga for patients and beginners

  1. Improves respiratory mechanics. Yoga teaches correct breathing. Breathing is essential in yoga and is coordinated with movement.
  2. Ithelps to correct posture, thus protecting our spine, the axis of the entire skeletal structure of the human body.
  3. It increases the flexibility of muscles and joints. Over time we will gain agility.
  4. Increases physical strength.
  5. It contributes to relaxation. Thanks to the release of endorphins which, in addition, contribute to the reduction of pain. Yoga is a good ally to help those patients who want to do a sport while relieving pain caused by a pathology or recovering from an injury. Yoga is therefore an excellent tool for reducing stress. It helps us to calm down and promotes emotional and mental stability.
  6. It helps toreduce anxiety. Yoga helps us to focus on the present moment. It helps us to live with greater awareness.
  7. It helps us to sleep better. Improves rest.
  8. Improves attention and academic performance. It helps us to calm down, keeping stress away.
  9. Burns calories. Helps weight loss and weight maintenance. In addition, it helps us to know our body better and how to take care of it.
  10. By reducing stress, it reduces cortisol and cholesterol levels in the blood. Thus, by helping to control blood pressure and the deposit of fat in the arteries, it helps to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular accidents.
  11. It improves balance.
  12. It increases our self-esteem. It helps us to trust in ourselves. Improving self-esteem also helps us to improve our relationships with others.

After reviewing some of the benefits of practising yoga.


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