Are pellet stoves safe for home use?

When we approach the subject of stoves, it is completely normal that certain concerns arise, as we are talking about fire. Safety, proper use, location or correct installation are some of the doubts we may have when deciding on one type of system or another to heat our home. To clarify some of these doubts and to know if pellet cookers are safe, we must first know some important points.

pellets para estufa

Pellet stoves safety and precautions

seguridad fuego estufas de pellets

It is true that all pellet stoves have different types of safeguards for proper operation and, if any internal component were to fail, this would be activated by turning off the stoves.

One of the most important points is cleaning. It should be noted that a pellet stoves must be cleaned every day with an ash hoover. While the cooker is working, it cleans itself from time to time and, when we turn it off, it also has a cleaning process. Moreover, with new technologies, this process has been improved (there are self-cleaning stoves in the brazier itself). But a pellet cooker gets very dirty. Even knowing its cleaning phases , our recommendation is to clean it after each use. Subsequently, it would be more than advisable to carry out an annual in-depth interior cleaning (heat exchanger, motors, ventilation). This annual cleaning is vital to avoid tar, soot layers on the inside walls or even dirt on the safety parts themselves.

Location and installation

son seguras las estufas de pellets y la instalación

The location and installation of the pellet stoves must be carried out by an authorised installer, who will carry out a study of the possible locations, precautions and, above all, the regulations in force at the time of installation. Although we may think that, at the end of the day, it is only a matter of making a hole and this process could be carried out by another unauthorised person or even by the consumer himself, it is advisable to call the manufacturer or the authorised installer so that he can check the installation carried out and any possible shortcomings or prohibitions so that they can be corrected before it is put into operation.

Proper use

The use is really simple: we load the pellets in the deposit, with a motor they fall into the brazier and with the contribution of air by the extraction motor the flame is generated, providing heat to the corresponding exchanger.

Pellets para estufa

Finally, it is very important that we use a quality pellet. In addition, we need the stoves to be properly configured for proper use. In this sense, it is important to make a different electronic configuration depending on the installation and use (type of pellets, distance of tubes, 90 degree elbows, 45 degree elbows, air supply from outside, etc…)

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